Mark A. Cooper

Fledgling: Jason Steed

Published: October 2010 by Sourcebooks Inc.


The apocalypse began with the thundering sounds of helicopters...

British Sea Cadet Jason Steed was on summer camp on retired Navy Frigate HMS Stoke just off the Jakarta coast on that tranquil summer afternoon when hell was unleashed before his eyes. Jason’s happy world is turned upside down when without warning, chaos and carnage reigned. He watched as his friends became victim to barbaric mass slaughter. Caught up in a failed military mission, with a threat of nuclear attack hanging in the balance, alone and hungry. Could the 11-year-old summon the will to survive and save his country?

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How it Came About!

I First started writing Jason Steed for my son when he was twelve year old. I soon after self published it with infinity books in 2008. It was just intended for my son and immediate family at first but the word got out and before I knew it there was rumors circulating to who actually wrote the book, I was stunned by the book's success. And one afternoon out of the blue an agent called me, Since then I have signed with her and now we have a contract to publish two more Jason Steed novels.

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